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Sarah Massey-Brisker

Founder and Pilates Instructor


A Pilates Instructor for over 15 years, Sarah is the founder of Pilates by Sarah.  She believes that through Pilates she can help students discover hidden strengths, and overcome their weaknesses, and improve overall mobility, balance, and strength.



Sarah is a native of Richland, Michigan, where she enjoyed hiking, running, swimming and skiing.  Sarah kept active in school by playing varsity basketball, soccer, and track.  She continued her studies at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan with a focus in Business Studies.


Training and Certifications

Physical fitness has always been a big part of Sarah’s life. This interest became a passion when she moved to Illinois and began work at Pilates Chicago. She obtained her certification through Pilates Chicago, which is recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance. Sarah has achieved certification for all Pilates apparatus, as well as Pilates Mat. She continues to educate herself by attending Pilates workshops, and constantly striving to improve and update her teaching.  Sarah has also had the opportunity to have worked with many first generation Pilates instructors.


"I have a passion and curiosity for movement and I believe in bringing positive energy and spontaneity into every session."


Sarah's students appreciate her precise attention to detail, her ability to quickly and effectively address weakness in the body, and the energy and momentum she brings to her private sessions. 


Sarah is excited to be contributing her knowledge of the body with various populations, including knee, hip and back injuries. She believes in challenging clients with a good, tough full body Pilates workout designed to transform the body into an increasingly efficient and high-functioning system.


Sarah loves working with clients of diverse levels and creating unique and challenging workouts geared toward each individual. She enriches her Pilates sessions with warmth and sensitivity, providing clients with a full spectrum of intellectual and physical enhancement.

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